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Desiccant dehumidification PK air conditioning dehumidification


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During the rainy season, indoor humidity is too large, it will be very difficult to endure, especially for the North accustomed to dry air of the small partner is too wet is unbearable. So some small partners like to buy a special function of air conditioning dehumidification. Can open dehumidification function, is not a special charge of electricity than the only open space modulation of cold and hot electricity?
Air conditioning running dehumidification state power consumption
Dehumidification the lower the temperature setting, the better the dehumidification effect, the proportion of electricity consumption. Set dehumidification function, the compressor system reversing valve needs to be constantly changing, while cooling, heating system in order to maintain a constant temperature at the same time, so the compressor is running, compared to the cost of electricity.
How long is the air conditioning refrigerant plus
Air conditioning in one of the following circumstances, it is necessary to consider adding refrigerant (refrigerant):
1 cooling effect is not good, the outlet temperature is not cold enough;
2 refrigeration operation of outdoor unit connecting pipe frosting;
3 work for a long time without stopping and cooling (or heating) effect is not good; the judgement of whether the refrigerant refrigeration system fault is insufficient, please arrange professional service personnel on-site inspection of refrigeration and air conditioning system pressure value is insufficient or there is leakage of refrigerant leakage as soon as possible. Drip tube drip speed is slow or no drop, the system pressure is too low. In general, refrigerants are generally available for at least 3 years, more than 5 years.