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Do you know the dehumidifier? Will you use a dehumidifier?


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The dangers of dampness are known to more and more people, and dehumidifiers are becoming more and more popular. So, would you use a dehumidifier?
As we all know, the most basic function of the dehumidifier is to dehumidify: the humidity is large in rainy days, and the expulsion is divided; The toilet is wet, and the expulsion is divided; The kitchen premises are too wet to be fired. There are also fewer and fewer such silly dehumidifiers. So how can the new dehumidifiers today play its best role?
The first is the dehumidifier's job: dehumidifying. Now dehumidifiers have built-in temperature and humidity sensors, which can monitor two aspects, one is temperature, and the other is humidity. This allows the dehumidifier itself to sense the indoor temperature and humidity at any time. The use of humidity sensing in life is to maintain indoor humidity. For example: When the human body is suitable for humidity, I set a fixed humidity on the dehumidifier. 50 %, Then the dehumidifier will automatically sense. When the indoor humidity is greater than 50 %, the dehumidifier will automatically start dehumidifying. When the dehumidifier is dehumidified to 50 %, the dehumidifier will automatically stop, so that it will not be necessary to look at the humidity. Trouble, It also eliminates the trouble of frequently switching dehumidifiers. This is widely used in industries where humidity is relatively strict. So what does a temperature sensor do? Excessive or low temperature will affect the dehumidification effect. The dehumidifier automatically detects the temperature. When the temperature is higher than 38 °C, it automatically stops working. When the temperature is lower than 5 °C, the frost is automated to protect the compressor.
The current dehumidifier also has a new role: purification and sterilization. Most dehumidifiers on the market now have this function, which can purify indoor air and kill bacteria in the air. This function is still relatively large in the environment of wet weather mildew. In the bathroom, kitchen and other places that are prone to bacteria and humidity, the sterilization function is turned on, which can kill bacteria, purify the air, and get rid of annoying tastes.
What is annoying in rainy days is that piles of clothes can not be dried, and personal clothes can not kill bacteria without sunlight. Cotton clothes will inevitably have a taste. Another feature of the dehumidifier is this: you can use the dehumidifier to dry clothes. The test clothes hang on the balcony, close the doors and Windows, and open the dehumidifier to align the air outlet with the clothes. It can not only dehumidify, but also sterilize the negative ions. It is a good helper on rainy days.